About us

Thrace Marble SA is housed in privately owned premises which cover over 30,000 m². The modern equipment and well-trained human resources enable our company to produce tens of thousands of square meters of marble per month to cater the needs and requirements of our customers and partners accordingly.

Focusing of manpower utilization and using human-centered design has been the cornerstone of our success. From the experienced quarrymen and workers who dig out and process the marble giving it the final shape to satisfied customers who enjoy and live better and easier through every piece of our work.

Having many years of experience and admiration for this natural gift combined with providing an excellent quality of products and services have established us in the field of marble and made our company known both nationwide and worldwide since more than 50% of our production is exported.



Our goal is to grow our business and make it stand out by offering excellence and value and featuring Greek Marble and other rocks both locally and worldwide


Our business is based on enduring values. Showing great respect for the marble and paying high attention to detail and perfect quality of our products we are characterized by ethos, integrity and professionalism.


We are inspired both by the needs of our customers and the experience and dedication of the employees of our company, who give their best to produce products of the finest quality.


Our vision for Thrace Marble is to become one of the most recognized brand names for supplying best quality marble both at national and international level.

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