Thrace Marble

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Thrace Marble SA is a family business founded in 1965 in Xanthi Greece, specializes in cutting and laying the finest marbles.
In 1975 Thrace Marble SA was moved to its current facilities in Petrochori, Xanthi.

After a series of investments and expansions our business has totally been transformed from a small family business into a marble industry featuring prominently in the local economy.

Since the beginning of the company our passion and love of what we do with great respect for the rock has remained the same as it is reflected from its processing to the final result, marble.


For more than 55 years our company has established a strong export character which presence is being expanded in more and more countries.High quality marbles have been supplied around the world in their finest form adhered to safety and quality standards. Indicatively, some of the countries to which we export can be seen on the map on the adjacent page.

Trust from Big Construction Companies

Our products can be found in various public constructing projects used by technical companies that have shown trust in our company such as:

Olympic Village, Galatsi Square, Polyclinic, Olympic Stadium, Beach Volleyball Facilities in Glyfada, Maroussi Shopping Center, Chalandri Shopping Center, Peristeri Square, SELETE Press Center in Maroussi, Syntagma Square, University of Crete and Faliro Marine.

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The word “marble” derives from the ancient Greek μάρμαρος (marmaros), meaning “shining stone”. It is a metamorphic rock composed of calcite or the combination of the carbonate minerals calcite and dolomite resulting from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks mostly limestone or dolomite rock.

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